The beauty of the sweet pomegranate

Teatro Sociale full last night for a performance by the pianist Andrea Manzoni Biella and the Armenian-soprano americana Rosy Amoush Svazlian


Two songs from the beginning of the concert that took place last night at the Teatro Sociale Villani, the pianist Andrea Manzoni, star of the evening along with the Armenian-American soprano Rosy Anoush Svazlian, takes the microphone and showing a pomegranate is said that this fruit in Armenian Nur is said and it is from it that the project of the two artists is named. The pomegranate is in fact the symbol of Armenia, indicates hope, regeneration and abundance, and also Manzoni explains: "The great thing is that the pomegranate reflects much Armenians are people sweet, passionate and beautiful as the grains of red fruit but at the same time can be very harsh as his white membrane ".

One way, that of the pianist, to start to accompany step by step within Armenia and consequently of his music ancient. In fact in this journey to discover the Armenian music Manzoni said he had met several obstacles: the difficulty was especially thoroughly understand the sounds so far from Western culture and with a language, derived from Aramaic, so different from ours.And as in everything, to understand what we face we can not but take a look behind us, the History and the musician has also taken up this task.

We know that the "Nur project" has been proposed for the centennial of the Armenian Genocide, about this Andrea between a song and another says "The dynamics of the genocide have been very similar to those of the Jews. In 1915 the Turks, wanting this nation independent, no Armenians and Kurds, have begun to take the whole compartment cultural or writers, journalists, poets, painters, musicians, who were taken away from their homeland and exterminated;by doing so they removed the heart and brain of a nation. Then they took all the men male under the pretext of making them fight against the Russians, and, arrived at the border, and exterminated them unarmed, were only women, children and the elderly. With the extermination of 1.5 million people have been eliminated. Europe entered this year in the First World War so it was in chaos and could not think about what was going on in Turkey, later Hitler was able to accomplish the extermination of the Jews thanks to the fact that no one had more memory of what happened in Armenia".

But let's get to the music, the real star of the evening. The songs that were presented to the audience on Saturday evening are part of some of the most important composers of the Eurasian continent, as Komitas, Berberian, Kanachan, and partly because of anonymous unfortunately much of the traditional Armenian music has been passed down orally. The concert has kept intact the mainly Armenian music the melody line and the text, since the songs were rearranged to make them more modern and closer to the western feel. The songs are short compositions that deal with themes such as love, nature and animals. The concert was very nice, a mix of old and new, and the voice of Rosy was able to get to the heart of the listener, especially with regard to the songs more melancholic melodies. In short, lyrical piano, Italy and Armenia, East and West were bound by the two artists successfully creating an hour and a half of emotions in the theater hall, which on this occasion was full.